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Chapter 3. FAQ

Why plouik is so hard to use?

I don't know. For my part, I don't find plouik is so hard to understand (but maybe I am not objective because I built it). plouik is a drawing software, so it is not amazing that it is a little bit complex. I am sorry for that but I hope this online help will make plouik more understandable.

Why plouik doesn't work and just makes a force close?

As I am working alone, I can just test plouik on my own devices. So I can just guaranty that plouik is working well on HTC Tattoo and on Archos 5IT. Hopefully, the android devices are quite the same and plouik is working on most of them. But sometimes it doesn't.

Why buttons are so big?

It is the same reason than the previous one. On my own test devices, the buttons size seems good to me (see figures in the previous chapters). But, as the Android devices can have a lot of different resolutions, it may happen that plouik doesn't handle some resolutions well. In this case, just send me your device reference (and a splash dialog snapshot would be great too), then I'll try to fix it.

Where is the eraser?

There is no really eraser in Plouik, but, actually, there are two ways to erase. If you are just using the first layer, you can obviously erase with a white stroke (when white is the backgroung color). If you are using the top layer, you can use the alpha painting mode (see the first note here)